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Michigan Corn Marketing Program Committee

The purpose of the Michigan Corn Marketing Committee is to enhance the economic position of Michigan corn growers by providing for the growth and expansion of the corn industry in Michigan through foreign and domestic market development, promotion, and research that will stimulate the demand for corn. This shall be accomplished through this program by increasing demand and utilization, disseminating market information, discovering new and more efficient marketing and production methods, and by enhancing markets for Michigan corn. Additionally, the Committee has a mission to enhance the economic viability of corn check-off contributors in Michigan at a level which justifies the funds collected through the check-off.


The committee consists of an odd number of members no less than 5, but no more than 13. The Director will act as a non-voting member.  

Click here to access the Michigan Corn Marketing Committee homepage and meeting information 



MCL 290.657, Act 232 of 1965

Contact Information 

Jim Zook
Executive Director
Michigan Corn Growers' Association
Mobile: (517) 819-4249 or Office: (517) 668-2676
Fax: (517) 668-2670


Richard Dobbins, Concord
District 5 growers
Term expires 3/5/16

Paul Wagner, Grawn
District 9 growers
Term expires 3/5/16

Steve Lonier, Lansing
District 6 growers
Term expires 3/5/16

Matthew Holyz, Vicksburg
District 2 growers
Term expires 3/5/17

Ned Wyse, Camden
District 3 growers
Term expires 3/5/17

Tom Durand, Croswell
District 7 growers
Term expires 3/5/17

Randall Poll, Hamilton

District 1 growers

Term expires 3/5/18


John Burk, Bay City

District 8 growers

Term expires 3/5/18


Blaine Baker, Clayton

District 4 growers

Term expires 3/5/18

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