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    State Fire Safety Board

    The Michigan State Fire Safety Board was created by the Legislature through 1941 PA 207. The State Fire Safety Board has the mission of protecting life and property from fire, smoke, hazardous materials and fire related panic in specific types of public facilities in cooperation with the Bureau of Fire Services and other fire organizations within the state.


    The State Fire Safety Board assists in development of fire safety rules covering the construction, operation and maintenance of schools, health care facilities, penal facilities; state owned and leased facilities; operation and maintenance for public assembly and other buildings; oversight of delegation of fire inspection responsibilities; and serving as an administrative hearing body on decisions made by the Bureau of Fire Services.


    Click here to access the State Fire Safety Board homepage and meeting information 




    Public Act 207 of 141, MCLA 29.3b




    Walt Conyers

    Bureau of Fire Services
    525 West Allegan; Lansing, MI 48913

    Phone: (517) 373-8331






    Andrew Lenaghan, Dearborn

    Term expires 7/15/15

    Represents fire departments in the Lower Peninsula


    Ralph Hodek, Houghton

    Term expires 7/15/15

    Represents professional engineers


    John Enkemann, Northville

    Term expires 7/15/15

    Represents architects


    Kassandra Renneberg, Riverdale

    Term expires 7/15/15

    Represents people who own a place of public assemblage


    Leslie Rodwell, Howell

    Term expires 7/15/15

    Represents fire departments in the Lower Peninsula


    Ron Sabin, Byron Center

    Term expires 7/15/16

    Represents fire departments in the Lower Peninsula


    Mark Jensen, Millington

    Term expires 7/15/16

    Represents the liquified petroleum or flammable compressed gas industry


    Usamah Mossallam, Bloomfield Hills

    Term expires 7/15/16

    Represents hospital administrations 

    Dean J. Mallos, Marquette

    Term expires 7/15/16

    Represents fire departments in the Upper Peninsula


    Donald Hicks, Freeland

    Term expires 7/15/16

    Represents the chemical manufacturing industry


    Thomas Gerard Lippens, Rock

    Term expires 7/15/16

    Represents licensed electrical contractors of master electricians


    David James Henry, Fruitport

    Term expires 7/15/17

    Represents owners of adult foster care facilities


    John C. Wozniak, Belmont

    Term expires 7/15/17

    Represents the flammable liquids industry


    Greg M. Herman, Clinton Twp.

    Term expires 7/15/17

    Represents the building trades


    William H. Mayes, Lansing

    Term expires 7/15/17

    Represents people who are members of a statewide association representing school board members or school administrators


    David Herbel, East :Lansing

    Term expires 7/15/17

    Represents the nursing home industry


    Ex-Officio Member

    Richard Miller, State Fire Marshall

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