Underwater Salvage and Preserve Committee

The Committee provides technical and other advice with respect to maintaining Michigan's 13 underwater preserves. It makes recommendations in regard to the creation and boundaries of Great Lakes underwater preserves, reviews applications for salvage permits, gives recommendations regarding issuance of permits, and provides input regarding the charging of permit fees and the use of revenue generated.

The Committee consists of 9 members: 5 individuals appointed by the Governor, 2 of whom should have experience in recreational scuba diving; 2 individuals appointed by the department, and 2 individuals appointed by the Department of Natural Resources. Each member will serve 3 year terms.


Public Act 451 of 1994, MCLA 324.76103

Contact Information

Michelle Davis
Department of Natural Resources

Phone: (517) 373-6362

Email: davism1@michigan.gov



Terry Begnoche

Term ends Aug 17, 2013


Ronald Wayne Bloomfield

Term ends Aug 17, 2013


James Nowka, Brutus

Term ends Aug 17, 2016


Brian Abbott, Haslett

Term ends Aug 17, 2016


Rob Campau, East Lansing

Term ends Aug 17, 2016