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    February 2012: School-Based Health Center Awareness Month

    WHEREAS, in 2010, about 100 school-based and school-linked health centers and programs served an estimated 40,000 students throughout Michigan, delivering more than 160,000 clinical services including immunizations, chronic disease management, risk reduction and sports physicals; and,


    WHEREAS, studies have shown that youth served by school-based and school-linked health centers in urban, rural and suburban settings show improved rates of school attendance, enhanced scores on standardized tests, less absenteeism due to illness and increased immunization rates; and,  


    WHEREAS, school-based and school-linked health centers are an innovative way to ensure students get the health care they need to succeed; Michigan's school-based and school-linked health centers have delivered comprehensive primary health care and prevention services for more than 20 years; and, 


    WHEREAS, during this month, we join with the Michigan Department of Community Health and school-based and school-linked health centers throughout Michigan to raise awareness of the critical role these centers play in improving the health and well-being of Michigan children;


    NOW, THEREFORE, I, Rick Snyder, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim February 2012 as School-Based Health Center Awareness Month in Michigan.

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