Michigan Bean Commission

Michigan is known throughout the world as a top producer of dry edible beans. Michigan works hard to grow and market world-class beans that reflect the place from which they came and the passionate commitment of the people involved.

The Michigan Bean Commission is headquartered in Frankenmuth. Frankenmuth is in the heart of the growing area. It is also near the State of Michigan governmental offices, Michigan Farm Bureau, and research institutions such as Michigan State University and the University of Michigan.  The primary objectives of the Commission are research and promotion.

We all benefit from the efforts of The Michigan Bean Commission. There are more than 2300 growers registered with the Michigan Bean Commission who are dedicated to bringing consumers the highest quality dry beans. Michigan's growers have a long history of production and are recognized worldwide as industry leaders.

The commission consists of 9 members, including a grower from each of the 8 districts, as well as 1 processor, shipper, or handler.

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HB 4940 http://www.legislature.mi.gov/documents/2017-2018/publicact/pdf/2018-PA-0009.pdf

Act 114 of 1965 


Contact Information

Joe Cramer

Executive Director
The Michigan Bean Commission
Phone: (989) 262-8550

Email: jcramer@michiganbean.com



Clinton Stoutenburg, Sandusky

District 4 grower

Term ends 12/31/18


Greg Ackerman, Vassar (chair)

District 3 grower

Term ends 12/31/18


James Roggenbuck, Harbor Beach

District 5 grower  

Term ends 12/31/18


Neil French, Reese

Processors, shippers and handlers

Term ends 12/31/18


Ross Edwin Voelker, Pigeon 

District 6 grower

Term ends 12/31/19


Kevin Noffsinger, Pinconning

District 1 grower

Term ends 12/31/19


Brian Stratton, Edmore

District 7 grower

Term ends 12/31/19


Mark Reif, Saginaw
District 2 grower
Term ends 12/31/20

Term ends 12/31/20