State Plumbing Board

The State Plumbing Board was created by 2002 PA 733. The duties of the board include making recommendations for plumbing code rules; licensing plumbers; and making all orders, rules, and regulations necessary for the enforcement of the provisions of the act.


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Public Act 733 of 2002, MCLA 338.3523PA 407 of 2016EO 2017-3


Contact Information


LeeAnn Allaire
PO Box 30254
Lansing, MI  48909
517/241-9570 (facsimile)



Daniel Alan Nixon, Richmond
Term expires 6/30/18
Represents Licensed journey plumbers
Anthony D'Ascenzo, Northville
Term expires 6/30/19
Represents Licensed master plumbers securing permits
Scott Kalchik, Northville
Term expires 7/31/20
Represents licensed plumbing contractors who hold master's license

Paul Lemley, Ada
Term expires 7/31/20
Represents the general public

Mark Wiseley, Whitmore Lake
Term expires 7/31/20
Represents licensed plumbing contractors who master's license


Ex Officio


Keith Lambert

Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, Bureau of Construction Codes

Doug Pascoe
Department of Environmental Quality, Drinking Water & Municipal Assistance Division

Dana DeBruyn
Department of Environmental Quality, Drinking Water and Radiologic Protection Division