Fire Fighters Training Council

The Michigan Fire Fighters Training Council was created by 1966 PA 291. The MFFTC serves the training and certification needs of the states 1,075 fire departments and 30,672 fire fighters and officers. The council prepares and publishes training standards, establishing courses of study, certifying instructors, establishing regional training centers, cooperating with state, federal, and local fire agencies to facilitate training of fire fighters, and developing and administering mandatory certification exams for new fire fighters.

Of the 7 members, 6 are appointed by the Governor, with the advice and consent of the Senate to serve 3-year terms. A vacancy created other than by expiration of a term shall be appointed for the unexpired term of the member who is to succeed in the same manner as the original appointment. Any member may be reappointed for additional terms. The seventh member is the director of the Department or his or her designated representative.


MCL 29.363, Act 291 of 1966

Senate Bill 264

Contact Information

Anne Searles
Phone: (517) 335-1299
Fax: (517) 335-4061



Mailing Address:

3101 Technology Boulevard, Suite H

Lansing, Michigan 48910


Physical Location and UPS/Fed Ex:

Bureau of Fire Services/OFFT
525 W. Allegan St, 4th Floor
Lansing, MI 48913-0001


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Aileen Pettinger, Saginaw

Michigan Professional Fire Fighters Union

Term expires 12/31/18


Timothy A. James, Vermontville

Michigan Association of Fire Chiefs

Term expires 12/31/18


Terrence Blackmer, Mayville

Michigan State Firemen's Association

Term expires 12/31/18


Brian Blomstrom, Sheridan

Michigan Fire Services Instructors Association

Term expires 12/31/18


Joel Hondorp, Byron Center

Michigan Municipal League

Term expires 12/31/18


Chad Tackett, Otsego

Michigan Association of Fire Chiefs

Term expires 12/31/18

Ex Officio Member

Kevin Sehlmeyer, State Fire Marshal