Mental Health Diversion Council

Created by Executive Order 2013-7, the Mental Health Diversion Council was created in the Michigan Department of Community Health to advise and assist in the implantation of the Diversion Action Plan and provide recommendations for statutory, contractual or procedural changes to improve diversion.  The Council is comprised of 14 members appointed by the Governor for four-year terms, although initial appointments are for either two, three or four-year terms. 




EO 2013-7


Steven M. Mays
Diversion Administrator
Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
Mental Health Diversion Council Liaison 
320 S. Walnut Lansing, MI 48913
Phone: 517-241-3302


Michele Bell, Midland
Represents advocates of consumer representatives on juvenile justices issues
Term expires 1/30/18

Soleil Campbell, Okemos
Serve as the designee of the Department of Human Services
Term expires 1/30/18

Ronald Derrer, Grand Rapids
Represent juvenile mental health treatment practitioners
Term expires 1/30/18

John Searles, Wheeler
Represent school systems
Term expires 1/30/18

Lt. Gov. Brian Calley
Term expires 1/30/19

Lynda Zeller, Lansing
Represents the Department of Community Health
Term expires 1/30/19

Lia Gulick, Wheeler
Represents the Department of Corrections
Term expires 1/30/19

Steve Kempker, Zeeland
Represents County Sheriffs
Term expires 1/30/19


Betsy Hardwick, Horton

Represents Community prisoner or jail Re-Entry

Term expires 1/30/20


Milton L. Mack, Wayne
Represents the State Court Administrative Office

Term expires 1/30/20


Willie Brooks, Rochester Hills

Represents Medicaid pre-paid inpatient health plan

Term expires 1/30/20


Ross Buitendorp, Grand Rapids
Represents adult service agencies and/or providers from a local community mental health service program

Term expires 1/30/20


Curtis Bell, Kalamazoo

Represents the judiciary

Term expires 1/30/20


Christopher Becker, Ada

Represents prosecutors

Term expires 1/30/21


George Strander, Albion

Represents court administrators

Term expires 1/30/21


Larry Cameron, Southfield

Represents advocates of consumer representatives

Term expires 1/30/21


Jon Gale, Twin Lake

Represents local law enforcement

Term expires 1/30/21


Christopher Cooke, Traverse City

Represents licensed attorneys

Term expires 1/30/21