Download an overview of Lt. Gov. Calley's Initiatives and Priorities (PDF).


  • Reforming Special Education

    Lt. Gov. Calley traveled all over Michigan on a special listening tour to learn from other parents with children who have special needs about how the special education system has treated them and their students. He lead a special education reform task force to tackle these issues and is now working to implement the group's recommendations. 

  • Prescription Drug and Opioid Task Force

    Lt. Gov. Calley is chairing a special task force on prescription drug and opioid abuse established by Gov. Rick Snyder. “Prescription drug and opioid addiction has quadrupled the number of unintentional drug deaths in our state since 1999 and we must come together to reverse this trend before more Michiganders are hurt,” Calley said.

  • MI Hidden Talent

    Lt. Gov. Calley has crisscrossed the state with Michigan Supreme Court Justice Richard Bernstein on the MI Hidden Talent Tour, highlighting the opportunities for hiring Michiganders with disabilities.

  • Reinventing Mental Health

    As a champion for mental health and wellness in Michigan -- from his successful push for autism insurance coverage to his chairmanship on the Mental Health and Wellness Commission -- Lt. Gov. Calley understands the needs of some of the state’s most vulnerable citizens is a responsibility of everyone

  • jobs and the economy

    Continually referenced for redefining the role of lieutenant governor in Michigan, Brian Calley’s hands-on approach helped guide two historic tax reforms through the Legislature that have expanded economic opportunity and served as a catalyst for private-sector job growth.

  • Child Lead Poisoning Elimination Board

    In order to eliminate child lead exposure in Michigan, a greater focus on primary prevention tactics will be crucial for success.