Michigan's Great Outdoors

Highlighted Stories

  • Underwater photo of invasive carp swimming Know the difference: Invasive versus common carp

    There’s a lot of talk around the Great Lakes these days about carp, especially invasive or Asian carp. What about common carp, those monsters of Michigan waters anglers love to battle with fly rods? Are these fish one and the same and what’s the big deal about carp anyway?

  • A historic photo shows the Copper Harbor Range Light station with the adjacent Fanny Hooe Creek. DNR teams up with MTU archaeologists to restore and interpret historic range lighthouse site in Keweenaw County

    Since the late 1950s, archaeological and restoration work has been performed on the grounds of the Copper Harbor lighthouse in Keweenaw County at Fort Wilkins Historic State Park. Over the past couple of years, new finds and renovations are ongoing on the park’s range lights property, which sits beside Fanny Hooe Creek. These mainland range lights work in concert with the lighthouse on the point to guide vessels to Copper Harbor and then safely into it.

  • Anglers mill around as they await the beginning of a bass tournament on Lake Lansing. DNR bass tournament registrations reveal big popularity

    Bass tournaments have been going on since folks started bass fishing. It’s grown into a multimillion-dollar industry with national tours featuring anglers decked out like NASCAR drivers fishing out of $80,000 boats on some of the most storied bass-fishing waters in America. But this year, there’s one significant difference to Michigan bass tournaments. The Michigan Natural Resources Commission declared last fall that all bass tournaments were required to pre-register with the DNR and then report results of their tournament to the state.