Highlighted Stories

  • Stagecoach exhibit in the barn at Walker Tavern Historic Site Walker Tavern upgrades help revitalize area visitation

    The Walker Tavern was once a bustling stagecoach stop, a hub where travelers rested along the road from Detroit to Chicago in the mid-1800s. Now, more than 150 years later, the Walker Tavern Historic Site is experiencing a revitalization that has the junction hopping once again, thanks in part to recent renovations and enhanced programming. The historic tavern site is located inside Cambridge Junction Historic State Park, at the intersection of U.S. 12 and M-50, about 35 miles west of Ann Arbor, 5 miles south of the village of Brooklyn in Jackson County, Michigan.

  • Jacob Burton works with a Pulaski to dig out a hot spot on a wildfire in Marquette County Varied experiences help DNR firefighters continue training

    For wildland firefighters, training is a continual endeavor throughout their careers. With typically several large wildfires burning in the western United States each summer, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources is often among those agencies called upon to send available firefighters and equipment to help battle those challenging wildland blazes, which often blacken thousands of acres. The chance to work on fires big and small provides opportunities for veteran firefighters to team up with those new to firefighting, to pass on tips and skills, and for those just learning, ...

  • Peregrine falcons in southeast Michigan banded for monitoring