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Weekly Fishing Report

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Thursday, December 18, 2014
Weekly Fishing Report

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This will be the last report for 2014 as there will be no updates for the next two weeks due to the holidays. Anglers are reminded that large and smallmouth bass season will close on all waters of the state on December 31st. Those to the north may find some ice fishing however the southern half of the Lower Peninsula had no ice.

Southeast Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Lake Erie: The only reports were a few decent perch caught in the Metro Park Marina.

Huron River: Anglers are still catching steelhead. Shore anglers are floating jigs with wax worms and boat anglers were back bouncing with Hot-n-Tots.

Detroit River: Anglers were going out but no reports were coming in. Those heading out are usually targeting walleye or perch. Muskie season is closed.

Lake St. Clair: Had no fishable ice anywhere. Much colder temperatures should start producing ice by the weekend. Muskie season closed on December 15th.

St. Clair River: Muskie season is closed. Shore anglers fishing off the wall at Port Huron were still picking up some steelhead and the occasional brown trout.

Saginaw Bay: If the weather allows, boat anglers may find some fish when trolling or drifting.

Saginaw River: Anglers caught walleye at Bay City when casting from shore. Lots of small ones but anglers did take home some keepers.

Southwest Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

The lakes in Southwest Michigan had open water. Any ice out there would not be safe. Thanks to the rain and above normal temperatures, it is going to be a while before anglers here are ice fishing.

St. Joseph River: Has steelhead in the system but the numbers are slightly below average. The better fishing is usually below Berrien Springs. Try spawn, wax worms or plugs.

Kalamazoo River: Is still producing some steelhead. Like the St. Joseph, the number of fish is slightly below average this year. The better fishing this time of year is usually below the Allegan Dam.

Grand River near Grand Rapids: Is still producing some steelhead. A few were caught off the wall at the Post Office when using a white jig tipped with a wax worm. Near Fulton Street, anglers were back bouncing with spawn bags. The occasional walleye was caught on bucktail jigs and white twister tails.

Grand River near Lansing: Was still producing some pike and walleye for those fishing below the dams. Shiners seem to work better than sucker minnows. No steelhead to report in Lansing however fish were caught near Portland. Try spawn, beads and small spinners.

Muskegon River: Recent rain should not affect the river too much. Anglers are still catching some steelhead and brown trout. Many are drifting streamers, plugs, small spinners or spoons. Blue and silver were a good color.

Northeast Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Ice fishing has been put on hold until ice conditions improve.

Oscoda: Few anglers have been out however pier anglers may still find the occasional steelhead or walleye.

Au Sable River: Anglers are still getting some steelhead throughout the river system. Boat and shore anglers are using spawn or a jig and wax worm. No word on walleye, they seem to be gone.

Higgins Lake: Had open water, no ice. Boat anglers were still heading out and targeting whitefish and lake trout.

Houghton Lake: As of this report, the ice was no longer safe. With the return of cold weather, the ice might shore back up by the end of the week. Those heading out will need to use extreme caution. Before the big thaw, walleye anglers were doing very well.

Northwest Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

The inland lakes still had ice but it was deteriorating with the extremely warm weather. Anyone venturing out now needs to use extreme caution. Shoreline ice was thin and some reported water running down the holes which will only weaken the ice more. Much colder air by the end of the week should restart the freezing process. On Lake Michigan, a couple boats were out trolling along the shoreline and in the harbors. They caught steelhead, brown trout and a couple small chinook salmon.

Frankfort: Surf and pier anglers are still getting a few fish.

Betsie River: Steelhead fishing is still viable, although few are doing it. Reports have not been great but fish are being caught.

Lake Cadillac: Still had ice however it was deteriorating. Anglers need to use extreme caution until colder weather has a chance to shore the ice back up. Be sure to use a spud to check the ice in front of you. Those that have been out reported good fishing.

Lake Mitchell: Still had some ice however it was melting. Extreme caution needs to used. Those jigging or using tip-ups have caught fish.

Lake Missaukee: Is producing some pike and walleye.

Manistee: Pier anglers and those surfcasting are getting a few fish.

Manistee River: Steelhead are still available in both the Big and Little Manistee even though it has not been a banner fall run. Try spawn, wax worms or plugs.

Ludington: Surf and pier anglers are still getting a few fish.

Upper Peninsula Fishing Report

In the northern sections, the recent warm weather did weaken the ice. Heavy snow added weight and caused ponding on the surface. Anglers are reminded to use extreme caution and don't forget the traditional safety gear such as a spud, ice pics, a throwable flotation device, a rope and the buddy-system.

Anglers in the eastern half of the Upper Peninsula were ice fishing on the inland lakes however no sleds were heading out, foot traffic only. Lakes around Newbery with yellow perch and panfish are being targeted. The next couple weeks are showing temperatures that will slowly improve ice conditions.

Portage Lake: In Houghton County was producing a good number of walleye and pike.

Lake Gogebic: Was also producing a good number of walleye and pike. Anglers are jigging and using tip-ups.

Little Bay De Noc: Had enough ice north of Gladstone that anglers were traveling on ORV's and snowmobiles. The warmer weather and rain made conditions sloppy. Anglers have been fishing for yellow perch in the Butler Island area and walleye in the central and northern parts of the Bay including the First, Second and Center Reefs. There was some ice but more open water south of Gladstone.

Enjoy your catch! Eat safe fish! Learn about eating safe, local and healthful fish from our Great Lakes State at

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