Highlighted Stories

  • Graphic with MNRTF 40th, 1976-2016, with beach/dune image in background Trust Fund 40th anniversary: The Top 10 List

    Michigan’s Natural Resources Trust Fund celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. Since its inception in 1976, the Trust Fund has bankrolled more than 2,000 projects buying land and land rights or developing outdoor recreational projects. Read about 10 of the more noteworthy projects. 

  • The 2016-2017 Michigan's Living Resources patch features the state bird, the American robin Nongame Wildlife Fund helps aid comeback success stories

    The Nongame Wildlife Fund is responsible for initiating, developing and implementing critical projects vital to the needs of Michigan's endangered, threatened and nongame animals, plants and their habitats. Since its inception, the fund has raised nearly $24 million in support of critical projects for nongame species, which includes more than 80 percent of Michigan’s wildlife.

  • Stagecoach exhibit in the barn at Walker Tavern Historic Site Walker Tavern upgrades help revitalize area visitation

    The Walker Tavern was once a bustling stagecoach stop, a hub where travelers rested along the road from Detroit to Chicago in the mid-1800s. Now, more than 150 years later, the Walker Tavern Historic Site is experiencing a revitalization that has the junction hopping once again, thanks in part to recent renovations and enhanced programming. The historic tavern site is located inside Cambridge Junction Historic State Park, at the intersection of U.S. 12 and M-50, about 35 miles west of Ann Arbor, 5 miles south of the village of Brooklyn in Jackson County, Michigan.