About the MICHIGAN.GOV Suite of Sites

  • 121 Live Web sites on Michigan.gov as of 05/23/2014
  • 447 Online services and over 900 links to Search for a State License are listed on Michigan.gov.
  • 125,906 Live content items in the CMA.
    • 100,937 of the 125,906 live content items are shared in one or more places across the 121 sites for a total of 329,398 content items that are displayed on Michigan.gov.
  • Over 367,000 Files: Documents, Spreadsheets, Images, PDF files, Flash Files, Multimedia Files
  • 6,448 Navigational categories

Usage Statistics

  • 30+ million average monthly Page Views for FY2014
  • 9.8+ million average monthly Sessions for FY2014
  • 3+ million average monthly Unique Visitors for FY2014
  • 3+ million average monthly Sessions from mobile devices for FY2014

Michigan.gov Platform and Site Features

  • Content Management Application (CMA)
    • All of our agencies are on the same platform
    • 1046 CMA Users
      • 1009 Authors
      • 169 Editors
      • 210 Publishers
      • 234 Administrators
    • Dynamically share information across all agencies by associating the information with little or no duplication of documents.
      • This practically eliminates inconsistent information that is displayed in multiple places across multiple sites.
  • State wide search engine
    • Features:
      • Agency Site specific or entire portal search capacities
      • Advanced search that allows visitors to search the entire portal or search within a given site.
        • Search for particular document type.
      • Spelling Suggestions
      • "No-hits" Forwarding
      • Automatic Title Replacement
      • Quick links
    • Our search results display within the site that the search was performed, which helps to maintain the visitor's position within the site.
  • Podcasting
  • RSS
  • Blogs
  • Social Media
  • Mobile Applications
Michigan NewsWire combines all of the news releases from all of the State of Michigan agencies including the Governor's office into one location for easy access to the latest that is happening within state government. This process is automatic and requires no administrative intervention. Releases are automatically added as agencies add them to their sites.