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JANUARY 27, 2006

Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land today proposed wide-ranging reforms that will simplify Michigan's election process for voters while ensuring even greater integrity and efficiency.

Land's 20-point plan offers speed, convenience and consistency to voters and local election officials while maintaining the public's confidence in the process. It builds on numerous bipartisan improvements spearheaded by Land such as Michigan's consolidated election law, conversion to a statewide, uniform voting system and partnering with communities to enhance polling place access.

"Michigan's election process must adapt to new trends, technology and challenges," Land said. "These enhancements will ensure that it remains current, consistent and inclusive. Encouraging participation among young voters, giving local election officials more modern tools and stepping up protections against election law violations are just some of the ways we can make sure that the process truly reflects the age in which we live.

"I look forward to working with all stakeholders as we act on these ideas. While we can take pride in Michigan's outstanding record of election fairness and innovation, this plan lets us better meet the needs of today's voters and local election officials."

Proposals include allowing 16-year-olds to preregister to vote; updating and standardizing rules for election recounts; reforming constitutional amendment procedures; clarifying the allowable activities of people who are appointed to assist with the absentee voting process, which was an issue raised in last year's city of Detroit election; piloting the use of "super precincts;" and allowing local election officials to clean their voter lists by creating an "inactive voter" file.

Land also will recommend reforms to Michigan's Campaign Finance Act in the near future.

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