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Image Plate Design Challenge

May 30, 2006

Secretary of State invites entries
for license plate design challenge

Residents have a chance to make their mark on Michigan’s automotive heritage by participating in the 2006 License Plate Design Challenge, Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land announced today.

A new graphic design will replace the Great Lakes Splendor version, commonly called the "Bridge" plate for its depiction of the Mackinac Bridge. New sales of the Great Lakes Splendor design will cease next year, though motorists who already have that plate may continue renewing it if they wish.

"Michiganians love their state and adore their cars," Land said. "We’re encouraging everyone to show their pride in both by helping to refresh our license plate design. This is a great way to capture the essence of Michigan for the world to see. We’re excited to tap the energy and creativity of all who are proud to call Michigan home."

Land, along with a panel of judges, will determine which design – or combination of themes – is incorporated onto the new plate. The Challenge is open to all Michigan residents except the judges and their immediate families.

The deadline for submissions is midnight on June 23. Entry forms are available at and at all Secretary of State branch offices. Forms are being sent to

public and private schools and home-school organizations to encourage student participation.

The new plate goes on sale Jan. 1, 2007. As is the case with the Great Lakes Splendor plate, it will be available as an alternative to Michigan’s standard plate for an additional $5.

The standard plate, known as "Old Blue," also is being redesigned with a new look and enhanced features. It will be unveiled shortly. That update makes this an ideal time to revisit the design of the state’s graphic plate, Land said.

The Great Lakes Splendor plate has been serving motorists since January 1997. It features a striking sunrise over the Straits of Mackinac with the Mackinac Bridge in the foreground.

More than 4.8 million Great Lakes Splendor plates have been sold and renewed for passenger and commercial vehicles, motorcycles and trailers. Great Lakes Splendor plates are no longer available for trailers since the state began issuing permanent trailer plates in October 2003.

Find out more about all Michigan plates, including fundraising and special-cause plates, by visiting Visitors also can check the availability of a personalized plate by using the Department of State’s online Plate It Your Way service.