Self-Service Station now available in Brownstown

Image: Logo of Scan Pay Go

MAY 19, 2010

Customers can buy license plate tabs without waiting in line

Customers served by the Brownstown Secretary of State office now have the convenience of a self-service option readily available for easy license plate tab renewals, Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land announced today.

"Our goal is to provide customers with the services they need quickly and conveniently, and our Self-Service Stations fit the bill," Land said. "You can get your license plate tabs instantly without having to wait in line. It's as easy as ‘scan, pay and go.'"

The new station is at the Brownstown branch office, 18412 Telegraph Road. It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The ATM-style Self-Service Stations allow people to renew their license plate tabs with a major credit or branded debit card without needing service at a Secretary of State branch office counter. Just scan your renewal notice, swipe your credit card and grab your tab. Self-Service Stations can be found in many branch offices statewide.

Land introduced Self-Service Stations in 2005 as part of her initiative to revolutionize the branch office system and provide customers with more convenient services. Approximately 578,000 transactions have been recorded since that time, collecting $57.7 million in revenue. To locate a Self-Service Station, residents with Internet access can visit the Branch Office Locator at

Land reminds residents to check out the department's online services before visiting any office. For example, license tabs and watercraft registrations can be renewed online. Browsing the site helps customers know what documents they'll need to bring when they go to an office.