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    SOS Site Map
    Driver License and State ID
     Your Michigan Driver's License
     Your First License Over 18
     Commercial Driver License (CDL)
     Other Licenses and Endorsements
     Military Personnel
     Enhanced Driver's License
     State Identification Card
     Driver Education Providers and Instructors
     Laws and Regulations
     Driver Education Provider and Instructor Listings
     Teen Driver
     Parent/Legal Guardian
     Teen Driver Education
     Graduated Driver Licensing
     Teen Driver Skills Testing
     Probationary Period
     Moped, Motorcycle and Restricted Licenses
     Teen Driving Risk Awareness
     Frequently Asked Questions
     Teen Driving Publications and Resources
     Driving Skills Testing
     Information for Drivers
     Information for Testing Organizations & Examiners
     Losing Your Privilege to Drive
     Points and Probation
     Alcohol/Drug Offenses
     Non-Alcohol Offenses
     Getting Your License Back
     Losing Access to Vehicle
     Non-driving Loss of License
     Basic Driver Improvement Course
     Michigan Motorcycle Safety Program
     Motorcyclist Training Site Locator
     Training, Testing and Licensing
     Laws and Regulations
     Safety Information
     Frequently Asked Questions
     How to Become a Motorcycle Training Instructor
     Operation Our Troops Count
     Michigan Residents Out-of-State
     Emergency Medical Card
     Publications and Forms
    Owning a Vehicle
     Title and Registration
     Your Title
     Recreation Passport
     License Plate Store
     Fundraising License Plates
     Veteran/Military Service Plates
     Personalized Plates
     Standard Plates
     Historical Plates
     Collector License Plates
     Special Organization Plates
     Buying a Vehicle
     From an Individual, Dealer or Relative
     Selling a Vehicle
     Repairing a Vehicle
     Vehicle Repairs
     Vehicle Restoration
     Collision Repairs
     Disability Parking
     Recreational Vehicles
     Information for Consumers
     Filing a Complaint
     Know Your Rights
     Vehicle Safety
     Publications and Forms
     Michigan Residents Out-of-State
    New Michigan Resident
    Elections in Michigan
     Information for Voters
     Obtaining an Absent Voter Ballot
     Where do I vote?
     State Candidates & Proposals
     Voting Equipment
     Michigan Voter Information Center (MVIC)
     Information for Candidates
     Dates and Deadlines
     Filing for Office
     MERTS/Campaign Finance
     Information for Election Administrators
     Qualified Voter File (QVF)
     News You Can Use (NYCU)
     Legislative Updates
     Election News (Current and Archives)
     Upcoming Elections
     Previous Election Information
     Campaign Finance Disclosure
     Searchable Database Downloads & Statistics
     Forms and Filing Materials
     County Clerk Tool Box
     Michigan Campaign Finance Act
     Resolved Complaints
     Campaign Finance Submission Failures
     Declaratory Rulings and Interpretive Statements
     Lobby Disclosure
     Casino Disclosure
     Legal Defense Funds
     Board of State Canvassers
     Meeting Minutes
     Operation: Our Troops Count
     Help America Vote Act
     Publications and Forms
    Automotive Related Businesses
     Information for Vehicle Dealers
     Licensing & Renewal Requirements
     Dealer Plates
     Title & Registration
     Vehicle Dealer Training
     Laws & Regulations
     Other Related Links
     Information for Repair Facilities
     Licensing & Renewal Requirements
     Repair Facility Training
     Laws & Regulations
     Information for Mechanics
     Mechanic Testing
     Licensing & Renewal Requirements
     Mechanic Certification
     Mechanic Recertification
     Mechanic Training
     Laws & Regulations
     Dealer & Repair Facility Listings
     Publications and Forms
    Other Business Services
     Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)
     International Registration Plan (IRP)
     Driving and Vehicle Record Request
     Direct Access to Driving and Vehicle Records
     Driving Record Subscription Service
     Permissible Purposes for Record Requests
     Abandoned Vehicles
     Agricultural Vehicles
     Publications and Forms
     Electronic Insurance Reporting
    Organ Donation
     Facts and Figures
     Minority Outreach
     Gift of Life Michigan - Link
     Friends and Supporters
     Workplace Partnership for Life Initiative
     Shining Star Award
     Additional Links
    Notary and Document Certification
     Office of the Great Seal
     Official Repository
     Official Filings
     Boundary Changes
     Land Patent Records
     State Land Deeds
     Document Certification
     Types of Certification
     Certifying a Document
     Notaries Public
     Publications and Forms
    About the Secretary of State's Office
     The Secretary of State
     Event Request Form
     List of Secretaries of State
     About the Michigan Department of State
     Branch Offices
     Mobile Branch Office Schedule
     Online Services
     Employment Information
     Contact SOS
     Publications and Forms
     News Center
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