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    Auto Repair Rights & Tips

    Agency: Department of State

    Your Auto Repair Rights!

    Under Michigan law, when you have repairs done to your vehicle or trailer, you have the right to. . .

    • a written estimate of cost before any repairs are begun that will cost $20 or more;
    • know about and approve (or refuse) any work done beyond the estimate;
    • have repairs made by a Michigan certified mechanic;
    • an itemized final bill; and
    • inspect and receive replaced parts.


    If you have a complaint with a repair facility, talk to the owner or manager. If this does not resolve the problem, contact the Michigan Department of State.

    Since 1974 the Department of State has been charged with licensing and regulating motor vehicle repair shops, informing consumers of their automotive repair rights, and investigating consumer complaints.

    If you believe you were charged for repairs that were not done or were told you needed repairs that you later found out were not needed (even if you did not have the repairs done), contact the Michigan Department of State immediately at the telephone number below.

    Auto Repair Tips

    These tips may help you avoid problems or unnecessary expense.

    • Do not try to diagnose the problem unless you are qualified.
    • When looking for a repair shop, ask your friends or coworkers for recommendations.
    • Shop around before agreeing to expensive repairs.
    • Before you have a vehicle repaired, get a written estimate for repairing the vehicle, including teardown and reassembly.
    • If a repair shop suggests repairs that you question, ask for a written reason why the repairs are needed.
    • Ask the repair shop if it guarantees its work (labor, parts or both).  If so, all terms of the guarantee must be in writing.
    • If you are asked to sign a document, take a copy of it for your records.
    • Never sign a blank document.
    • Leave a telephone number where you can be reached.
    • If you have a problem you cannot resolve with the repair shop, call the toll-free telephone number below.

     Michigan Department of State

    Lansing, MI  48918

    Toll-free telephone: 1-888-SOS-MICH (1-888-767-6424)

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