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Rider Safety Training Course

Motorcycle safety training courses are designed for both novice and experienced riders. The courses include classroom and range instruction that provide students with fundamental skills necessary for safe and responsible motorcycling. Training is provided by public and private sponsors at over 50 locations in the state. Depending on seasonal weather, courses are generally conducted April through September with over 15,000 students enrolled annually.

The Michigan Motorcycle Safety Program provides education to riders age 15 and older. All riders are encouraged to take motorcycle safety training. Successful completion of an approved course allows you to waive the rider skills test requirement.

You must complete a motorcycle safety training course to obtain an endorsement if you are:

  • Age 16 or 17 with a Graduated Driver License
  • Age 18 or older with two road skills test failures

Training Sites

  • Public - $25 tuition (non-refundable fee) will be charged for basic rider motorcycle classes.
  • Private - private providers determine their own course fees. The program uses a network of private sponsors approved by the Department to offer motorcycle rider education programs.

MSF Basic RiderCourse

Image: Basic Rider Course Students on Motorcycles

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