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Driver License Reinstatement Fee

When eligible for relicensure with the Secretary of State, a reinstatement fee must be paid.


  Licensing Action Reinstatement Fee Chart

Vehicle Code Breakdown Licensing Actions
Standard Reinstatement Fee

257.303 - Admin Den/Rev

257.319 - Mandatory Susp

257.320 - DA License Licensing Actions

257.324 - Illegal Use of License

257.625 - Alcohol Sanctions

257.625b - Alcohol Sanctions

257.625f - Implied Consent Suspensions

257.904 - Additional License Actions

257.732a - Driver Responsibility Suspensions


(Effective 10/1/91)

$50.00 to SOS

$35.00 to MDOT - (Economic Development Fund)

$10.00 to Drunk Driving Prevention Equipment & Training Fund

$30.00 to Drunk Driving Case Flow Assistance Fund





Drug Crime Reinstatement Fee

257.319e(3) - Drug Crime



(Effective 9/1/94)

$95.00 to SOS

$30.00 to Drug Case Information Fund


MIP Reinstatement Fee

257.624a - Open Intoxicants

257.624b - Transport/Possess

436.1703 - MIP

257.319(7) - Overrides for 257.624a, 624b, 33b(1)


(Effective 4/1/97)

All to General Fund



(Effective 4/1/97)

All to General Fund

Watercraft Reinstatement Fee

324.80198 - Watercraft


(Effective 3/31/93)

$85.00 to SOS

$10.00 to Drunk Driving  Prevention Equipment & Training Fund

$30.00 to Drunk Driving Case Flow Assistance Fund

Snowmobile Reinstatement Fee

324.82155 - Snowmobile


(Effective 5/1/94)

$85.00 to SOS

$10.00 to Drunk Driving  Prevention Equipment & Training Fund

$30.00 to Drunk Driving Case Flow Assistance Fund

Order Not to Operate
Friend of the Court Reinstatement Fee

257.321(c) - Friend of Court

(Rescind Order must accompany payment of fee)



(Effective 1/1/97)

All to General Fund


257.328 - Insurance $25.00

(Effective 1/1/96)

All to General Fund

Suspend until submits Proof of Insurance

(Payable at Branch Office)


257.227a - Insurance $50.00

(Effective 1/1/96)

$25.00 to Dept of State

$25.00 to General Fund


Plate hold until submits insurance policy (pending programming)

Please Note:

A $45.00 reinstatement fee is due to the court when clearing a FAC/FCJ suspension. 

A $25.00 assessment fee is due to courts with proof of insurance.



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