Washtenaw County Secretary of State office to offer new services, hours for convenience

SEPTEMBER 11, 2007

Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land today announced that the creation of a PLUS office in Washtenaw County will mean enhanced service and greater convenience for customers.

The Washtenaw County PLUS Office opens Monday, Sept. 24 at the current site of the Ann Arbor branch, 353 N. Maple Road. Upgrades to the office will cause a temporary closure at the Ann Arbor branch from Sept. 17 to Sept. 21.

"Customers have asked for timesaving options and we're delivering," Land said. "Washtenaw County's new PLUS office meets the needs of 21st century consumers with expanded hours and added services that help make office visits more convenient."

During the temporary closure, people can use branches in Chelsea at 1113 S. Main St. or Ypsilanti at 2720 Washtenaw Road.

PLUS offices offer additional services and conveniences, such as payment by Discover credit card at the counter, expanded Wednesday hours from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., instant titles, the ability to purchase your own driving record on site and Self-Service Stations for tab renewals, which the new office will receive in the near future. Staff and resources from the consolidating branch will relocate to the new PLUS office.

Creation of the PLUS office is part of the 2007 phase of Land's Branch Office Modernization Program. The goal is to provide customers with state-of-the-art services while containing expenditures. The program's emphasis on investing in people and services, and not "bricks and mortar," has allowed the Department of State to minimize costs by using existing facilities and resources whenever possible as well as preserve employee jobs.

The program was launched in April 2004. The initial phase resulted in the development of 23 PLUS offices and five SUPER!Centers. Customer satisfaction has consistently been high thanks to the modern, convenient services and enhanced efficiencies these offices provide.

During the program's 2007 phase, which will be completed later this summer, eight PLUS offices and one SUPER!Center are being created. In 2008, three more PLUS offices are scheduled for development.

For more information about branch office locations and services, visit the Branch Office Locator at www.Michigan.gov/sos.