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    Mechanic Test Tips

    Agency: Department of State

    The Bureau of Driver and Vehicle Programs offers written tests at selected Secretary of State branch offices around the state.  To obtain detailed branch office location information (address and business hours), visit the Michigan Department of State's complete Branch Office Location Map.

    Test Tips

    The State mechanic exams contain multiple choice questions and are intended to measure the competencies necessary to work in a particular area of study.  An individuals ability to pass an exam depends on the amount of knowledge the person has covering a specific area, and how the individual interprets the test items.  All exams are closed-book format. No reference materials or electronic devices may be used during testing.  Absolutely no copying of examination items is permitted.  Before taking exams, keep these tips in mind:

    • There is a $6.00 fee for each test.  Exams are offered on a first come, first serve basis.  Exams are not available within one hour of closing.

    • Prepare in Advance!  It is suggested that individuals reference the State Mechanic Study Guides in preparation of any one exam.  Study guides provide a listing of the primary categories that would be found in a specific specialty area of study along with the specific sub-category subjects that will make up the exam.  Each exam primary category is also broken down into percentages of questions asked therefore allowing the individual the ability to focus more heavily on specific areas of the exam.

    • Read each question carefully, including ALL of the answers, so that you understand exactly what is being asked.

    • Answer the questions based ONLY on the choices given.  Don't try to "read into" the question or add information that is not provided.   For many individuals, this is where they fail to answer the question correctly.

    • Don't spend too much time on any one question.  If you are not sure of your answer, try to narrow down your choices and mark the answer you think is most likely correct.  Chances are your first guess is the most correct!

    • Answer every question. Leave no stray marks on the exam.  Bubble in each answer as indicated on the instructions.  Be neat!  The exams are scored electronically.

    • Ensure that you have completed the exam according to the examination instructions provided within the test booklet, registration form and answer sheet.  Failure to follow test instructions may result in a No-Score result.  The testing individual, not the administration staff, is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the exam is completed properly.

    Important Reminders:  

    • The State of Michigan does not provide or recommend any single educational textbook or publishing materials for your review covering the mechanic certification categories.  However, it is recommend that individuals who prefer home study acquire textbooks similar to those found in technical skill centers, and two or 4 four year colleges.  Typically, these types of textbooks are not found at your local library, but are available though educational book stores and various automotive publishers.

    • Select branch offices administer written tests ONLY and do not have specific information concerning your test results. If you have not received your test results after six weeks, or have lost them, contact the Customer Support Section at 1-888-SOS-MICH (1-888-767-6424).

    • All motor vehicle mechanics performing major repairs for compensation must be certified by the Michigan Department of State in the categories for which they perform repairs. A person who is not certified may obtain a trainee permit.

    • A mechanic trainee permit is valid for a period of two years from the date of issue in the major repair categories listed on the permit. A permit may not be renewed. Upon expiration of the trainee permit, a mechanic trainee must either become certified or stop performing repairs in the categories listed on the permit. A mechanic trainee may perform repairs only in the categories listed on the permit under the supervision of a mechanic who is currently certified by the State of Michigan in those repair categories.

    Branch Office Locator

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