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Lost Title

• Replacing a Title If your vehicle title is lost, you may replace it by processing a duplicate title application at a Secretary of State branch office.

• Instant Title Service Some titles can be issued the same day

• Acquiring a Duplicate Michigan Title While Out-of-State How to apply for a duplicate Michigan vehicle title while temporarily out-of-state.

Special Titles

• Salvage Titles Salvage vehicles. How and when to apply for a salvage title.

• Rebuilt Vehicles After a vehicle titled with a salvage title has been repaired or rebuilt, it can be re-titled and registered for road use again. A special vehicle inspection is required first.

• Scrap Titles Scrap titles. What are they and how to apply for one.

• Assembled Vehicles Definition of an assembled vehicle; How to title

• Mobile Home Titles Mobile homes are titled in Michigan. The mobile home title serves the same purpose as a vehicle title. When selling a mobile home, the owner assigns the title to the purchaser.

Specific Information

• Name Change on a Title Owners with a name change can correct their title

• Military Personnel and Michigan Residents Temporarily Outside of Michigan How to title a vehicle if you are a Michigan resident or active military person who is temporarily out of state.

• New Michigan Residents -- Title Requirements New residents must re-title their vehicles in Michigan right away

• Deceased Vehicle Owner When a vehicle owner dies and the estate is not probated, the surviving spouse, or, if no spouse, the next closest kin may transfer the vehicle into their name. If the estate is being probated, the Personal Representative appointed by Probate Court assigns the deceased's title.

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