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    National Guard Member

    National Guard Plate

    Michigan is proud to recognize its men and women who served in the U.S. National Guard. Residents who are either current or former members of the National Guard are eligible for a National Guard Member plate. Spouses are not eligible.

    The plate is available in either the standard or the Spectacular Peninsulas design. The fee for the standard design is $5. The Spectacular Peninsulas design is $10. If you are purchasing an original plate or replacing an existing plate when renewing, other registration fees may apply. You may also personalize your plate for an additional fee.

    National Guard Member plates can only be used on passenger cars, pickup trucks, vans and motor homes. Trailers and vehicles used commercially are not eligible.

    Current or former members interested in obtaining a National Guard plate may apply at their local Secretary of State office by submitting a completed Application for Veteran License Plates.

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