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The Michigan Motorcycle Rider Safety Training Program uses both public and private organizations approved by the Michigan Department of State to offer motorcycle rider education classes. The department is committed to assuring instruction is given by qualified instructors in an approved facility certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF).

To find a public- or private-sponsored motorcycle safety class near you, select your county from the links below, click on the colored region of the Michigan map that corresponds to the area in which you live, or click on the map's region numbers listed below. Check website addresses for class schedules or contact the sponsor directly for more information.

A $25 tuition (nonrefundable fee) will be charged for basic rider, three wheel basic rider, returning basic rider and advanced rider course motorcycle classes from public sponsors.

Fees charged by private sponsors for motorcycle rider education classes are not regulated by the department. Therefore, students are encouraged to inquire about course fees, refund or no show policies prior to paying for the instruction.

Location Information Current as of September 1, 2015

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