Driver License Appeals Practice Manual

The Driver License Appeals Practice Manual was updated on this site in June of of 2005. Printed copies of the Practice Manual are no longer being distributed. Click on the Driver License Appeals Practice Manual link to print a copy of the current manual. This practice manual is designed to assist defense attorneys, prosecutors, judges and other attorneys involved in driver license restoration appeals and other licensing matters. It includes case law summaries, statutory references, rules, forms, procedures, and other information useful to lawyers. If you have any questions concerning the materials in this manual, please feel free to contact the Driver Assessment and Appeal Division 1-888-SOS-MICH (888-767-6424). Many of the following documents are Adobe PDF files  (What's a PDF file?)

 > Driver License Appeals Practice Manual (PDF)

Appendices to Manual
Alcohol and Driving in Michigan - Appendix A (PDF)
> Graduated Driver Licensing Requirements - Appendix B (PDF)
>Driver Assessment & Appeal General Rules - Appendix C (PDF)
     > Physical and Mental Standards
     > Vision Standards
Repeat Offender Charts - Appendix D (PDF)
     >Immobilization Chart
     > Repeat Offender Matrix    
> Immobilization/Registration Denial Vehicle Ownership:
        > Alcohol Offense Chart
        > Suspended License Chart
 > DI-93 Refusal Form - Appendix E (PDF)
 > Substance Abuse Evaluation Form - Appendix F (PDF)
 > Hearing Officer Relief Rate - Appendix G (PDF)
 > Request for Driver Reexamination - Appendix H (PDF)
 > Diagram of Restoration Appeal Process Appendix I (PDF)
 > SCAO Forms - Appendix J (PDF)
 > Request for Action Forms- Appendix K
 > Michigan Court of Appeals Cases - Appendix L (PDF)
 > International Reciprocity Chart - Appendix M (PDF)
 > Michigan CDL Guide - Appendix N (PDF)
 > How to Read a Master Driving Record - Appendix O (PDF)
 > Minors Offense Chart - Appendix P (PDF)
 > Reinstatement Fee Chart - Appendix Q

 Other Links
 > FAQ Section (PDF)
Repeat Offender Criminal Sentencing Chart (from Practice Manual)
 > MSP Office of Highway Safety Planning Traffic Crash History
 > MSP Annual Drunk Driving Audit
 > Offense Code Index for Traffic Violations