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    Probation Explained

    All new Michigan drivers, regardless of age, are probationary for a minimum of three years if they have not been previously licensed.  The probationary period is a way for the Secretary of State to monitor the driving performance of new drivers.


    Each traffic violation entered on your driver record during probation will result in a contact by the Secretary of State.  Because probationary drivers who receive tickets are at a very high risk of being involved in a crash, these contacts will become progressively more severe in response to continued unsafe driving.  These contacts range from warning letters to a driver assessment reexamination.  At a driver assessment reexamination, a combination of restrictions and suspension may be imposed on your license.  The purpose of these contacts is to encourage safer driving and reduce the risk of a traffic crash.


    Probationary drivers must complete the last ten months of probation with no unsafe driving events, such as traffic convictions, at-fault crashes, or suspension.  If an unsafe driving event occurs in the last ten months of probation, the probationary period is extended until the driver completes ten consecutive months without an incident.


    The first two years after probation are called post probation.  You are subject to a driver assessment reexamination during this time if you have nine or more points and an alcohol-related ticket or crash, or other at-fault crash.


    Points placed on your driver record during probation or post probation are not automatically erased when probation and post probation end.  Points remain on your driving record for two years from the conviction date.

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