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December 28, 2011 (Issue 2011-56)

Michigan District Locator Map used for Redistricting: 


The Bureau of Elections (BOE) is pleased to announce a new redistricting tool that is now posted on our Web site.  BOE contracted with the Center for Shared Solutions and Technical Partnerships (CSSTP), a division of the Department of Technology, Management and Budget, to create the Michigan District Locator map. The Michigan District Locator map is an on-line interactive map that clerks may use to view the new legislative districts (U. S. Congressional, State Senate, State House) and assist with identifying their borders.  The new map is available on our Redistricting Web page:


Click on "Michigan District Locator Map."


The map is designed to allow you to "toggle" on and off the various layers of geography which will enable you to review and compare both existing (2001) and new (2011) legislative districts.  Streets, roads and various natural features such as lakes, rivers and waterways are also included on the map for reference.  Since the map is based on Bing Maps, it includes features that permit you to zoom in and out of a district and view a map or actual aerial photos.


The District Locator Map provides considerable detail, but not all election geography is represented.  County Commissioner Districts, for example, are not included.  We have included "Voting Tabulation Districts" or VTDs, which are geographic areas provided by the Census Bureau.  VTDs are close approximations to Michigan precincts as they existed at the time of the 2010 November General Election.  They have not been updated since that time.


In most cases, clerks will be able to derive enough information from the Michigan District Locator to identify district boundaries, adjust precinct lines when necessary and complete the various forms that the Bureau requires as part of redistricting (i.e. the Old/New Precinct, District and Polling Place Change Form; a marked up Street Index).


We recommend that you take a look at the Michigan District Locator and experiment with its many features.  Be sure to click on the "Navigation Info" icon at the top of the map to help you efficiently move around the map.  Clicking repeatedly on the map will enable the zoom feature.  Also click on the icons in the information section on the left side of the screen.


Questions?  Please contact the Bureau of Elections at: 1-800-292-5973.

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