2018 Race for Governor

Please note: Every effort has been made to provide accurate financial summary information based on the original and amended campaign statements filed by the committee.  The information may be verified by reviewing the actual statements filed.  Select the Committee ID number for complete details.


Committee ID Candidate Name Party Summary of Financial Activity
518372 Keith Butkovich NLP No Summary -- Reporting Waiver
518354 Brian Calley REP Calley Financial Summary
518294 Jeff Wood LIB No Summary -- Reporting Waiver
518273 Earl Lackie REP Lackie Financial Summary
518265 Bill Schuette REP Schuette Financial Summary
518257 Jennifer Kurland GRN Kurland Financial Summary
518241 John Tatar LIB Tatar Financial Summary
518238 Larry Hutchinson NPA No Summary -- Reporting Waiver
518191 Bill Gelineau LIB Gelineau Financial Summary


Patrick Colbeck REP Colbeck Financial Summary
518101 Shri Thanedar DEM Thanedar Financial Summary
518080 Joseph Thomas DeRose REP No Summary -- Reporting Waiver


Ryan Henry Cox NPA No Summary -- Reporting Waiver
518037 Abdul El-Sayed DEM El-Sayed Financial Summary


518035 Justin D Giroux DEM Giroux Financial Summary
518032 Evan Space REP No Summary -- Reporting Waiver
518019 Kentiel D White DEM White Financial Summary
518016 William Cobbs DEM Cobbs Financial Summary
518014 Gretchen Whitmer DEM Whitmer Financial Summary
518013 Dwain Reynolds GRN No Summary -- Reporting Waiver
517508 Jim Hines REP Hines Financial Summary
517390 Mark McFarlin REP No Summary -- Reporting Waiver
517245 Todd Schleiger NPA Schleiger Financial Summary
508494 Geoffrey N Feiger DEM Feiger Financial Summary



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