Tips for Filing Campaign Finance Statements

Fall 2017

Did you know:

All October Quarterly Campaign Statements have a close of books of 10/20/2017 and are due by 5:00 pm on10/25/2017.  Prepare early and file early to help ensure a timely filing and reduce the risk of late filing fees.


  EIN Numbers! Need assistance filling out an IRS form to obtain an EIN number?  Visit the IRS EIN webpage for instructions.  Unfortunately, we are not able to assist you with filing these forms.
Are you preparing to run for office? Check out Getting Started as a Candidate to find out what is involved related to campaign finance disclosure.  

State and Judicial Committees, did you know that it is now mandatory to file the Statement of Organization electronically?  Find out more here.


A committee should never have a negative ending balance on their campaign statement.  The committee should never be seen to be spending more money than what it receives.




Did you know that committee campaign finance records have to be kept for 5 years?  This would include records, bills, and receipts as required to substantiate the information contained in a campaign statement.  More information can be found here.

When saving and naming your MERTS file, only use numeric and alphanumeric characters with no special characters (_#/?"&$@ etc…) and keep it less than 30 characters long.  Otherwise you will get an error when uploading your report to the state server.



You must show the full name and address of each person who contributed to your committee and you must show the occupation, employer and business address of each individual who contributed more than $100.00.

Remember, when submitting a campaign statement, you are attesting that everything within the statement is accurate and true. Section 33(10) states “If a candidate, treasurer, or other individual designated as responsible for a committee's record keeping, report preparation, or report filing knowingly files an incomplete or inaccurate statement or report required by this section, that individual is subject to a civil fine of not more than $1,000.00.” An inaccurate statement should NOT be filed to satisfy a deadline, this includes amendments.  

Before stepping down as the Treasurer for a committee, don’t forget to provide the current MERTS file to the new Treasurer so they can continue reporting campaign statements.  Read this ruling for more information





Do you need MERTS and/or Campaign Finance training for committees?  Select this link and register for a class.



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