Saluting those who served

Image: US Flag

NOVEMBER 5, 2009

Military plates available for veterans, spouses

In honor of Veterans Day, Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land is reminding veterans and their spouses of the many license plates available that recognize their time in the military.

"On Veterans Day, we honor the brave men and women of America's armed forces who stepped forward to serve their country when they were needed," Land said. "It's a privilege to be able to recognize them with special plates that commemorate their service."

Michigan offers its veterans 25 distinct plates that highlight their service in the military, and in individual wars and conflicts such as World War II, the Vietnam War and the Somalia conflict. The department also allows people to personalize their veteran plates.

More than 70,000 veteran plates are in circulation.

Honorably discharged veterans and their spouses are eligible for plates signifying the branch of service, or war or conflict in which the veteran served. Active-duty personnel and spouses are eligible for plates signifying service in a war or conflict. Other plates that recognize Medal of Honor recipients, disabled veterans, combat-wounded veterans, former prisoners of war, and Pearl Harbor survivors require additional documentation.

The cost for a veteran plate is the annual registration fee for the vehicle plus a one-time $5 service fee for the standard white plate or a one-time $10 service fee for the Spectacular

Peninsulas graphic plate. Personalizing a license plate costs an additional $30 if bought when the vehicle's existing plate is due to be renewed. If the plate is bought at another time, the cost of the plate is prorated. Renewing a personalized plate costs an added $15 each year.

Potential personalized plate buyers can visit the Secretary of State "Plate It Your Way" Web page to check if a plate configuration is available. In addition to veteran plates, people also can personalize the standard white, the Spectacular Peninsulas graphic, and the university and special-cause fundraising plates.

For more information about Secretary of State license plate options, visit the License Plate Store online at