Liming Materials Product License

The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development administers product licenses for all agricultural liming materials distributed or manufactured in Michigan. Michigan's fertilizer and liming program regulates over 500 manufacturers and distributors of over 1.45 million tons of fertilizer, soil conditioner, and liming materials for both farm and non-farm use.


Liming Materials Product License


Michigan Liming Materials Law, 1955 PA 162, as amended




 1.  Applicability (activities that require the permit)
  • All agricultural liming materials manufactured or distributed in Michigan must be licensed with MDARD by the manufacturer/distributor.
  • Liming Material is defined as "all or any form of limestone, lime rock, marl, slag, by-product lime, industrial or factory refuse lime, water softener lime, and any other material manufactured, prepared, sold or distributed primarily to correct soil acidity."
  • A distributor is not required to obtain a license if they are selling liming materials of a manufacturer/distributor that is already licensed and the principal mailing address of the licensed manufacturer/distributor appears on the labeling.
 2.  Pre-Application Requirements

Liming material licensees must comply with all parts of the Michigan Liming Materials Law, 1955 PA 162, as amended

 3.  Application Submission Requirements
  • Complete the application, include a copy of the product label/invoice and your check or money order made out to the State of Michigan to the address on the front of the application.

License Renewals

For all current licensees, a renewal application will be placed in the U.S. mail by the end of November. MDARD recommends the use of the renewal application received in the mail because it will contain specific company information such as your license number and company name as previously submitted to MDARD. Any additions, deletions, and other changes can be made right on the renewal form. Licensees who have not received their application by December 15th should immediately contact MDARD at 1-800-292-3939 or send an email to

 4.  Procedures and Time-Frame for Obtaining Permit or Approval
  • All liming licenses expire on December 31 and must be renewed on an annual basis.
  • The typical "error-free" application is normally processed within 4 weeks.
 5.  Operational Requirements

What type of labeling is required?

A copy of the label or invoice statement must be submitted when applying for a liming license. The label/invoice must contain the following information:

  • The net weight (volume if material not sold on a scale weight basis)
  • Product name
  • Name and address of manufacturer or distributor
  • Minimum neutralizing value in terms of calcium carbonate
  • Degree of fineness expressed as minimum percentage passing through an 8-mesh, 60-mesh, and 100-mesh screen.
  • NOTE: Marl and refuse lime materials (sugar factory, paper mill, carbide, water treatment, water softener, wood ash, etc.) do not need to state the degree of fineness on the label/invoice. Instead, the minimum neutralizing value may be identified as "X" lbs per cubic yard (expressed as calcium carbonate equivalent).

What should I do if there are changes in company, ownership, name, or address?

Any change in the ownership of a licensed firm will require an application and fee for a new license. Companies with a change of name and/or address will need to send written notification to MDARD so records can be updated accordingly.

 6.  Fees

A $20.00 license fee per product.

 7.  Appeal Process

A license shall not be revoked or refused until the licensee or applicant has been given the opportunity by the director of the department to appear for a hearing. The contested case hearing process is outlined in the

Administrative Procedures Act 1969 PA 306

 8.  Public Input Opportunities

Complaints or comments related to liming product licensing and inspections may be filed with MDARD at any time. Complaints are investigated by field staff, a violation finding would be considered in the decision making process. A list of liming product licensees is available upon request by contacting MDARD at 1-800-292-3939.

E. Contact Information:

MDARD Customer Service Center at 1-800-292-3939, Monday - Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.


Creation/Revision Date:

September 25, 2014