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    Laboratory Analysis

    Agency: Licensing and Regulatory Affairs

    Required State License(s):  

    Medical Lab - Laboratory Improvement Section, Bureau of Health Care Services 517-241-2648.  

    Testing of Waste Water - No license required but can be accredited by National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), International, Ann Arbor, Michigan 734-769-8010.  

    Testing of Soil - For environmental reasons, contact Department of Environmental Quality 800-662-9278.  

    The testing of residential drinking water, contact the local county health department; the testing of public water, contact the Field Operations Program at 517-335-9216.  

    When testing the drinking water at a mobile home park, contact Radiological Protection at 517-335-9214.  

    Administrators of the technical and scientific operation of a clinical lab, including supervision of procedures and reporting test findings should be certified with the Health Facilities Division, Laboratory Improvement Section, Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs 517- 241-2648.  

    Clinical lab directors of Medicare-certified independent labs are subject to both state and federal regulations.  

    Revised: December 2013

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