MIOSHA Required Posters

Michigan Safety & Health Protection on the Job Poster

The Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Act, 1974 p.a. 154, as amended, requires posting of these documents in a central and conspicuous location. (MIOSHA/CET #2010)

MSDS Posters

The Right to Know Law applies to all Michigan employers. The rules establish requirements to ensure that the hazards of all chemicals produced or imported by chemical manufacturers or importers are evaluated and that information concerning the hazards is transmitted to affected employers and communicated to employees. These rules establish requirements to ensure that markings, placards, and labels required on hazardous materials and explosives, both in transportation and at stationary facilities, are retained until the materials have been removed to the extent they no longer pose a hazard. There are two Michigan Right to Know posters that must be used to meet the posting requirements of the standard. The first poster (MIOSHA/CET #2105) is designed to serve as a reminder to workers of their rights under the Michigan Right to Know Law and to provide information on how to locate MSDSs and the RTK program for the worksite. The second poster (MIOSHA/CET #2106) informs workers of any changes recently made to one or more MSDSs. Whenever you receive or create an updated Material Safety Data Sheet, you must provide the necessary information on the poster within 5 days of receipt and display it in a prominent manner for a minimum of 10 days.