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    Pet Grooming

    Required State License(s):

    No state license is required.

    Other Possible License(s): Some counties regulate different types of businesses; contact your local county/city clerks office and inquire about a permit or license for this type of business.


    Contact the Department of Environmental Quality at (800) 662-9278 for environmental information.


    If water and soap is discharged into the sewer system, contact the local waste water treatment plant for a permit/license.

    When discharging soaps, chemicals in the ground water (septic tanks) or into surface water, contact the Department of Environmental Quality at (800) 662-9278 for further information.

    If the business will give flea baths or treatments, they probably will need to have a 7G. DOMESTIC ANIMAL PEST MANAGEMENT license from Department of Agriculture and Rural Development under Part 83 Pesticide Control of Act 451, depending on the type of product they use. Call the MDARD Pesticide & Plant Pest Management Division at 517-373-1087 or go to,1607,7-125-1569_16988_35288-11982--,00.html for application and more information.


    Revised: 04/2010

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