Scrap Metal Processor & Hauler

Agency: Public Service Commission

Required State License(s):

When purchasing vehicles and processing it for scrap metal (shredding); a license is required with the Michigan Department of State's Bureau of Regulatory Services (BRS). For more information visit our Web site or call 1-888-SOS-MICH (888-767-6424).

Michigan Public Service Commission:                  When hauling for-hire, in intrastate commerce, operating authority must be granted through the Motor Carrier Division, Public Service Commission (PSC), Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. Once granted authority, the carrier may have to license its intrastate vehicle(s) though the PSC; (517)241-6030.

For-hire means, for a direct or indirect fee, transporting property not owned nor manufactured by the company doing the transporting.

All interstate carriers, private and for-hire, must register in the annual Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) Program. Enforcement begins January 1st.

Revised: 12/2013