Vegetative Best Management Practices

A vegetative Best Management Practice (BMP) is a natural process preserving existing vegetation or establishing ground cover to minimize soil erosion.

Mulch blanket covering steep embankment Mulch Blanket/High Velocity Mulch Blankets - A process to enhance plant establishment and help hold fertilizer, seed, and topsoil in place in the presence of wind and rain runoff after an earth disturbing activity.
Slope seeded with grass Permanent/Temporary Seeding - An inexpensive, yet effective, method to stabilize flat areas and slopes.
Aerial view of trees and other vegetation along a river's banks Vegetative Buffers at Watercourse - A specified width of buffer between a construction site and an adjacent watercourse.  The buffer acts as a filter to reduce soil erosion and sedimentation from entering the watercourse.
Grassy area collecting water between a road and a lake shore Vegetated Buffer Strips - A method to reduce sheet flow velocities which may create rilling and gullying.  Also useful to establish permanent vegetative cover and prevent sloughing and loss of seed.