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Total Household Resources / Household Income

Total Household Resources or Household Income is used to determine eligibility for Homestead Property Tax Credit and Home Heating Credit. One of the most frequent reasons for adjustment or denial of these two credits is an error in reporting all income.

What are Total Household Resources?

Beginning in 2012, household income has been replaced with total household resources. Total household resources include all income (taxable and nontaxable) received by all adult household members during the year, including income that might be exempt from federal adjusted gross income. Net losses from business activity may not be used to reduce total household resources.

Checklist for Determining Total Household Resources

What is Household Income?

For 2011 and prior years, household income includes all income (taxable and nontaxable) received by all adult household members during the year, including income that might be exempt from federal adjusted gross income.

2011 and Prior Years – Checklist for Determining Household Income

View a partial list of income that is taxable in Michigan, included in total household resources, household income and/or adjusted gross income. Income and Deductible Items.

What is Adjusted Gross Income (AGI)?

Adjusted gross income is the amount of income determined to be taxable by the Internal Revenue Service on the federal tax return. View for more information.

If you were a full-time student, view FAQ's for College/University Students.

If I am claimed as a dependent, do I qualify for a property tax credit or a home heating credit?

Home Heating Credit: Individuals who are claimed as a dependent on another person's return do not qualify for this credit.

Property Tax Credit: If someone else has claimed you as a dependent, you may be eligible for a Property Tax credit. However, you must include all support or assistance you received from parents or others in your total household resources or household income. For more information, view instructions for the 2013 Homestead Property Tax Credit Claim MI-1040CR. (For other years search available tax forms.)

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