Identity Confirmation Help

  • There are 2 steps before you take the quiz

  • Step 1: Verification


    1. Locate the letter you received and the Michigan tax return you just filed
    2. You need four of the following pieces of information to take the quiz.
    • Quiz ID (view example)
      • Located at the top right hand portion of the letter you received
      • (You can click here for a picture)
    • Refund or Tax Due (view example)
      • Line 35 is “REFUND” on your Michigan Tax Return
      • Line 32 is “YOU OWE” or the Tax Due
    • If you do not have “REFUND” (view example) or “YOU OWE” amounts, locate your Property Tax Credit tax form
      • Line 44 “PROPERTY TAX CREDIT” is the amount you need to enter if you did not file the MI-1040 and only filed for a credit  
    • Last name that is listed on the letter you received
    • Last 4 digits of the social security number (SSN) used to file the return
      • First SSN or Primary located on Line 2 of your Michigan tax return


  • Step 2: Tutorial


    Watch the Identity Protection video tutorial:

  • Step 3: Take the Quiz


    You are ready to take the quiz!  Remember, the questions are associated with the first person listed on the return.  Please come back and take a short survey to help us improve our processes. 

    Take The Quiz


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