How to File Single Business Tax


Which SBT return should be filed?

All businesses that have allocated or apportioned gross receipts of $350,000 or more, with the exception of insurance companies, must file either Form C-8000, Single Business Tax Annual Return or, if eligible, Form C-8044, Single Business Tax Simplified Return. Insurance companies must file Form 1366, Insurance Company Annual Return for SBT and Retaliatory Tax.


What form do you use to file an amended SBT return?


To file an amended SBT return for tax years 1995 forward, use Form C-8000X, SBT Amended Return or Form C-8044X, SBT Simplified Amended Return. To file an amended SBT return for a tax year prior to 1995, use the appropriate year's Form C-8000, Single Business Tax Annual Return or Form C-8044, SBT Simplified Return and write "AMENDED" at the top of the form.

Can an individual having separate sole proprietorship businesses (meat market, grocery, and bar) file separate SBT returns for each separate business?

Single Business Tax Act defines a "person" as "an individual, firm, bank, financial institution, limited partnership, co-partnership, partnership, joint venture, association, corporation, receiver, estate, trust, or any other group or combination acting as a unit." The SBT is imposed on the adjusted tax base of every "person". If you own more than one business that is registered as an individual, you must file one SBT return and use the combined gross receipts to determine filing requirements.