IFTA Licensing
Should I get an IFTA license even if I don't leave Michigan?

No. IFTA requires interstate travel. Zero mileage or Michigan only travel could result in the denial of a future IFTA license. Quarterly returns are required for all current IFTA licensees regardless of activity. Three quarters of ineligible travel may result in cancellation or non-renewal of the account.

Through a wire service, temporary fuel trip permits are available 24 hours a day for unexpected interstate travel. Here is a list of current wire services.

I am a new IFTA licensee. I filed my NEW application on line but I have not yet received my license or decals. Can I start operating under IFTA without them?

No. If you travel outside of Michigan prior to receiving your IFTA credentials, you must contact a wire service for a Temporary Fuel Trip Permit for each state you will be traveling through.

I am a current IFTA licensee. I RENEWED my license on the IPC system but I have not yet received my decals for next year. Can I continue to operate without them?

The IFTA Agreement allows a two-month grace period from January 1st - February 28th for current IFTA licensees to operate under the prior year decals if they have already renewed their license in their base jurisdiction. Your license is printable on your IPC account page as well as the ability to file and print a temporary decal permit if your qualified vehicle does not have a prior year decal.

Beginning March 1st all qualifying vehicles must carry the current year license and decals. The IFTA Agreement requires that vehicle operations during the grace period must be reported on the 1st quarter IFTA tax return.

I submitted my RENEWAL application on time. Why haven't I received my license and decals?

Your license is printable on your IPC account at any time after you have successfully renewed. Decals are mailed out quickly after the renewal license order is completed and are sent via USPS. Please verify all mailing addresses on your IPC account are current and accurate at the time of renewing.

Here are some of the most common errors:

  • Incomplete officer/partner/member information (Section 22a on Form 2823 or Section 19 on Form 3014)
  • Missing or invalid FEIN or Social Security numbers
  • An incomplete or invalid address
  • Incomplete bulk fuel or jurisdiction information
  • Amount of decal sets left blank


I added a truck to my fleet and need an additional decal. What should I do?

Current licensees who have registered in the IFTA IPC system can order additional decals from the "Work on IFTA" page.

What should I do if my decals were on a truck that I sold, or were otherwise destroyed or lost?

Submit Form 2824 (Application for Replacement Claiming Lost, Destroyed, Undelivered or Stolen State of Michigan IFTA Fuel Decal(s)) to remove the old decals from your account. If you have a user name set-up in the new IFTA IPC system, simply log in and order replacement decals from the "Work on IFTA" page.

I am operating a qualified motor vehicle but I am traveling interstate on a short-term basis. Am I required to be licensed for IFTA?

No. You have the option of purchasing Temporary Fuel Trip Permits through a wire service. Michigan limits the purchase of trip permits to 3 per calendar year for carriers traveling into Michigan. Travel exceeding these limits would conclude the carrier needs to be licensed for IFTA in their base jurisdiction. You may need to purchase a Temporary Fuel Trip Permit for each state you will travel through while operating your qualified motor vehicle. Contact numbers for individual jurisdictions can be found on the IFTA, Inc. website. View a current list of wire services.