MTO Frequently Asked Questions

  • About MTO

    In January 2015, the Michigan Department of Treasury introduced a bundle of e-services called Michigan Treasury Online (MTO) to Sales, Use and Withholding (SUW) taxpayers. The new system is available for tax years 2015 and beyond. MTO provides taxpayers with free and secure 24/7 online access to their Treasury business accounts providing the ability to file and pay SUW taxes electronically, view correspondence issued by the Department of Treasury (Treasury), and update account information.


    MTO Highlights

    • Electronically file and pay SUW taxes
    • Review and update account information
    • Free and secure 24/7 access to e-services
    • View and print correspondence issued by Treasury.


    Overview of Changes

    • Update to SUW Forms
    • All taxpayers must file a return within their established filing frequency
    • Treasury will no longer routinely mail SUW Returns
    • Michigan Established (ME) account numbers have been discontinued for SUW taxpayers – all of these accounts will now file under the FEIN
    • Filing Options

    Most taxpayers will have three filing options:

    1. MTO: the State’s free e-service – beginning January 12, 2015
    2. Bulk e-file: Use of Treasury-approved commercial or proprietary software
    3. Paper file (eligible forms only): Downloadable and printable forms are available on the Treasury website to mail upon completion.


    What’s New! – 2016 Enhancements

    • Elimination of Michigan Business One Stop (MBOS) – users no longer need to use MBOS as an access point for MTO. This has also led to a reduction in the number of steps required to create a profile and establish a business relationship
    • Simplified single sign-on process – MTO users need just one username and password to enter the site, file a return and make a payment
    • Authorized users now have the ability to self-delegate to a business by selecting an appropriate user role and answering respective security questions 
    • Introduction of the Fast File SUW Now option which allows a user to immediately file and pay  
    • Improvements to user-friendliness – MTO users are able to self-manage password resets and retrieve forgotten usernames and passwords.  


    FAQ Topics:

  • General MTO FAQs
  • Registration and MTO
  • Establishing A Profile
  • Managing A Business on MTO
  • File and Pay on MTO
  • Miscellaneous
  • Table 1: Filing Frequencies and Due Dates
  • Table 2: Tax Return Form Number by Tax Year