Individual Income Tax

Why doesn't the amount reported on my 1099-G agree with what I actually received?

The 1099-G you received in 2015 shows the amount of your 2013 refund and any prior year refunds issued to you in 2014.

Review all refunds issued to you and the tax returns filed during the year in question; add to the refund amount, any of the following which are included on the 1099-G:

  • Amounts credited forward to 2014 estimated tax
  • Prior year refunds issued in 2014
  • Refund amounts intercepted by Treasury to apply to back tax Assessments, State Agency Collections (e.g. Driver Responsibility Fee) or other 3rd Party Garnishments.
  • Any portion of a refund designated on your return to pay Use tax.
  • Amount contributed on the Michigan Voluntary Contribution Schedule
Subtract refundable credits which are not included on the 1099-G:

  • Homestead Property Tax Credit
  • Farmland Preservation Credit
  • Qualified Adoption Expenses credit
  • Stillbirth Credit
  • Earned Income Tax Credit
  • Energy Efficient Qualified Home Improvement Credit
  • Historic Preservation Tax Credit

This figure should match the amount on your 1099-G.