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The State of Michigan is working with tax preparers and software developers to encourage taxpayers to e-file their income tax returns. E-file is secure, fast, convenient, and helps save Michigan taxpayer dollars. E-filed returns cost 83% less to process than paper returns.

The IRS mandate preparers filing 11 or more returns to e-file those returns, with minor exceptions. Michigan would expect any preparer e-filing federal returns to also e-file the Michigan returns. The continued support of e-file from the tax professional community is a key component of future e-file growth.

Michigan, along with many other state revenue agencies, is requesting additional information this filing season in an effort to combat stolen-identity tax fraud to protect you and your tax refund. If you have a driver’s license or state issued identification card, please provide the requested information from it. Your return will not be rejected if you do not have a driver’s license or state-issued identification. Providing the information could help process your return more quickly.


How to Participate in e-filing

  • Complete the IRS application process to participate in the IRS e-file Program. It takes about 45 days to process the application. Read more about e-file and the IRS application process at www.irs.gov.
  • Once your Federal application is completed and approved, the IRS will forward your information to the State of Michigan and you are automatically accepted into the Michigan e-file program. Then you are ready to start e-filing!
  • Taxpayers can browse the IRS Authorized e-file Provider locator service to find a preparer who offers e-file.
  • For complete information regarding the Michigan e-file program, please review the Electronic Filing Programs Tax Preparer Handbook.

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Choosing Tax Preparation Software

You will need to purchase tax preparation software that supports e-file. When choosing software, you should consider the following:

  • Software must be accepted by the IRS and the State of Michigan.
  • What Michigan and federal forms are supported
  • Software should support Fed/State and State Standalone e-filing.
  • How returns are transmitted.
  • Volume discounts and/or charges for rejections or retransmissions.
  • Number of software updates issued.
  • Communication of updates (Web site, modem, express mail, regular mail).
  • Technical support.

Software developers producing tax preparation software and computer-generated forms must support e-file for all eligible Michigan forms that are included in their software package.

View a list of companies that offer e-file software for filing Michigan and federal tax returns for 2016.

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Tax Preparer Resources

To check the status of your clients' income tax returns use Check My Income Tax Info. Please allow 14 days before checking the status of an e-filed return.

Business tax account information is also available the home page for each tax type. Find them under Business Taxes in the main menu..

Practitioner Services - This Web-based service allows practitioners to ask general and account specific questions for both individual and business tax customers.

Visit the IRS Web site for more information about upcoming Tax Pro Events.

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Information for Michigan Business Taxpayers

2016 Tax Text PDF icon

Michigan State University Tax School

University of Michigan Tax School

Taxpayer Assistance Manual and other information for taxpayer volunteer groups.

State Tax Agency Websites – courtesy of the Federation of Tax Administrators

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Other Helpful Information

Frequently Asked Questions


Customer Contact Center

Web site: www.michigan.gov/iit
Telephone: 517-636-4486
(for income tax return status or specific account questions)

Web site: www.michigan.gov/bustax
Telephone: 517-636-6925
(for Michigan business tax return status or specific account questions)

Forms, Documentation and E-File Services

Web site: www.MIfastfile.org
Email: MIFormsEfile@michigan.gov
Telephone: 517-636-4450
(for tax preparers, transmitters and software developers only)

Note: Forms, Documentation and E-File Services staff is unable to provide return status information or address specific taxpayer account issues.

Federal e-filing:

Web site: www.irs.gov
Telephone: 866-255-0654

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