2008 Michigan Business Tax Forms

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Form Number Form Name
4600 Instruction Booklet for Standard Taxpayers (includes all forms marked with * )
4592 Instruction Booklet for Insurance Companies (includes forms 4588, 4596)
4599 Instruction Booklet for Financial Institutions (Includes form 4590)
4567 Annual Return *
4 Application for Extension of Time to File Michigan Tax Returns *
3581 Historic Preservation Tax Credit
3614 Historic Preservation Tax Credit Assignment
4568 Nonrefundable Credits Summary *
4569 SBT Credit Carryforwards *
4570 Credits for Compensation, Investment, and Research and Development *
4571 Common Credits for Small Businesses *
4572 Charitable Contribution Credits *
4573 Miscellaneous Nonrefundable Credits *
4574 Refundable Credits *
4575 Loss Adjustment Worksheet for the Small Business Alternative Credit *
4576 MBT-V e-file Annual Return Payment Voucher
4577 Schedule of Shareholders and Officers *
4578 Schedule of Partners *
4579 Qualified Affordable Housing Seller's Deduction
4580 Unitary Business Group Combined Filing Schedule *
4581 Supplemental Schedule for Unitary Business Groups - Schedule of Business Activity for Non-Designated Members of a Unitary Business Group Protected Under Public Law 86-272
4582 Penalty and Interest Computation for Underpaid Estimated Tax *
4583 Simplified Return *
4584 Election of Refund or Carryforward of Credits *
4585 Investment Tax Credit Recapture From Sale of Assets Acquired Under Single Business Tax *
4586 Schedule of Business Activity Protected Under Public Law 86-272
4587 Schedule of Recapture of Certain Business Tax Credits *
4588 Insurance Company Annual Return for Michigan Business and Retaliatory Taxes
4589 Film Credit Assignment
4590 Annual Return for Financial Institutions
4591 Financial Institutions Special Instructions
4593 Book-Tax Difference *
4594 Farmland Preservation Tax Credit
4595 Renaissance Zone Credit Schedule *
4596 Miscellaneous Credits for Insurance Companies
4665 Michigan Business Tax Declaration for e-file (MI-8453-MBT)
4698 Additional Tax Credit for Qualified Utilities Making Certain Capital Investments Worksheet
4699 Individual or Family Development Account Credit and International Auto Show Credit Worksheets *
4700 Gross Receipts/Business Income Worksheets *
4737 Michigan Income Tax Withholding Transfer Authorization and Report for Payments Made on Behalf of Employees and Loan-Out Companies

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