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  Michigan Business Tax
B1. Will shareholders of S corporations and partners in partnerships be liable for Michigan individual income tax on their share of flow-through income from entities subject to MBT? Does it matter whether the shareholders or partners are residents or nonresidents?
Both residents and nonresidents of Michigan are subject to Michigan income tax on their share of income from partnerships and S corporations to the extent the income is attributable to Michigan under the allocation and apportionment provisions of the Michigan Income Tax Act (MCL 206.111 - 115) and included in adjusted gross income on the partner or shareholder's federal income tax return. The imposition of the Michigan business income tax on a flow through entity under section 201 of the Michigan Business Tax Act does not affect the imposition of the Michigan income tax under section 51 of the Michigan income tax act (MCL 206.51) on the individual partners or shareholders of the flow through entity.