City Income Tax E-FIle FAQs
1. Can I file my City of Detroit Individual Income tax return separately from my federal and state return?

You can e-file a City of Detroit Income Tax Return separately from your federal or state return when supported by the software.  Visit http://www.MIfastfile.org for a list of e-file resources, how to find an e-file provider and more information on free e-file services.

2. How do I sign my e-file return?

If you are e-filing your City of Detroit return with your federal and State return, Michigan accepts the federal signature.

If you are e-filing your City of Detroit return separately from your federal or state return you must sign your return by:

  • Completing Form MI-8453, Michigan Individual Income Tax Declaration.  If you choose to complete Form MI-8453, a copy should be retained for six years. Do not mail Form MI-8453 to Treasury, or
  • Provide the Electronic Signature Alternative (ESA).  The ESA’s shared secrets are from your return as originally filed, an amended return, or the return as corrected by Treasury.  Shared secrets consist of your:
    • Social Security Number(s)
    • Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) or total household resources from the previous year’s return; and
    • Tax due or refund amount from the previous year’s return.
3. I made an error on my electronically filed City of Detroit Individual Income tax return. Can I electronically file another return?

If you made an error on an electronically filed return for the tax year 2015 or 2016, you must file a paper amended income tax return. Check the amended box in the upper right hand corner and submit by mail with the appropriate documentation to support any change(s).

Beginning with tax year 2017, amended returns may be e-filed when supported by the software.

Amended returns received using the incorrect form or missing pages will not be processed.

4. How much does it cost to e-file?

The IRS and Michigan Department of Treasury do not charge for e-file. The cost varies depending on the tax preparer, software package, or online provider you select for e-file. You may be able to e-file for free. To see if you qualify, visit www.MIfastfile.org to find out more about free e-file offerings.

5. What should I do when I owe tax and want to e-file my income tax return?

When you e-file and owe tax, your payment is due April 17, 2018. To avoid penalty and interest, payment of taxes due should be made on or before April 17, 2018.

There are now two ways to pay tax due on e-filed returns:
     •  Direct Debit. Beginning tax year 2016, payment on a tax due return can be made using direct debit at the at the time the
        return is e-filed, when supported by the software.
     •  Or, submit your payment with form 5122 City Individual Income Tax E-file Payment Voucher (City-V). Your tax preparer
        or computer software will provide a copy of the form. You can e-file your return at any time during the e-file processing
        season; however, the City-V must be included when payment is submitted. Do not include a copy of your return with
        your payment.

Payments are not accepted via telephone.