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R 205.1317 Appearance and Representation

Rule 317

(1) A party may appear for himself or herself, be represented by an attorney, or be represented by another person that he or she chooses.

(2) Petitioner's failure to appear or be represented at a scheduled hearing may result in a dismissal of the appeal.

(3) The tribunal may, upon request of a party filed with the tribunal before the hearing schedule in that proceeding, conduct a hearing in the absence of the party. If a hearing is conducted with a party being absent pursuant to his or her request, then the tribunal shall render a decision on all evidence and pleadings properly submitted by both parties not less than 14 days before the date of the scheduled hearing as provided in R 205.1342(2).

(4) A person who appears before the small claims division shall conduct himself or herself with decorum.

History: 1996 MR 4, Eff. May 2, 1996.