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An electronic mailing list is a list of people's names and email addresses that are used to send certain messages or announcements to many people at once, who are usually expected to share a common interest in the contents of the message.

Some announcements may affect a broad range of topics, others will be more specific to certain job functions, which is why we now have the following available:

Michigan Units of Local Government
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This list is for any Michigan unit of local government interested in mailings such as any new policies, procedures, programs or fiscal indicator scores.

Local Government Accounting and Auditing Issues
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This list is for local units of government and Certified Public Accounting (CPA) Firms Representing Local Units of Government. Mailings generally include Manuals, Bulletins, and Numbered Letters.

State Tax Commission/Property Tax Division
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This list is used to send out State Tax Commission Bulletins, State Tax Commission Letters, Assessment and Certification Division Instructions, forms, memos, and other information relative to the administration of the General Property Tax Act.

Tax Foreclosure Auction
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This list provides notification to consumers
seeking information regarding State tax-foreclosed auction properties.