Michigan's New Motor Fuel Act Paves a New Road

Contact: Terry Stanton (517) 335-1356

March 20, 2001

Individuals and businesses affected by changes in the law all too often discover those changes after the law has taken effect. However, in a bold joint venture, the Department of Treasury has worked with the motor fuel industry for the past two years to cooperatively rewrite the Motor Fuel Tax Act. The old law was needlessly complex and, consequently, difficult to understand. The new law is a comprehensive new act that implements a dyed fuel program modeled on the federal program, simplifies reporting and compliance procedures, and provides for enforcement and penalties for noncompliance.

The cooperative venture did not end with the passage of the Motor Fuel Tax Act last year, but continues with the joint effort of industry and the department to provide training to those who will be impacted by the new law.

"From the beginning, Treasury has worked diligently with industry representatives to draft the Motor Fuel Tax legislation," said State Treasurer Mark A. Murray. "We will continue to work closely with the business community to ensure that all affected parties receive the training they need."

"This has been a terrific example of all the good that can come from government and industry working together," added Mark Griffin, President of the Michigan Petroleum Association/Michigan Association of Convenience Stores (MPA/MACS).

Working with MPA/MACS and the Service Station Dealers of Michigan, the Department will provide free training to members of the regulated community throughout the state to explain changes in the law, discuss the impact of the law on suppliers, wholesalers, and retailers, and walk through the new forms and instructions. The following is the schedule of the training sessions:

March 20, 2001 Holiday Inn, Marquette

March 21, 2001 Holiday Inn, Gaylord

March 26, 2001 Novi Hilton, Novi

March 28, 2001 Holiday Inn, Kalamazoo

March 30, 2001 Holiday Inn, Lansing

On each of these dates, training will be from 9 a.m. to noon, with a question and answer period from 1 p.m. to 3:00. For more information on Motor Fuel Tax Act training, contact Mimi VanGoor at: (517) 373-3011.